Artist Terms & Conditions


Although we welcome as much work as you wish to sell, acceptance of all items is not guaranteed and is decided at the discretion of Studio Door’s employees. Studio Door Gallery has the right to terminate the agreement with the artist at any time, and any sales made will be paid as previously agreed.



Artwork can be advertised from a minimum of £50 and up to a maximum of £5000, although this can be discussed with Studio Door by emailing if necessary. Artists are advised to set the price of their work, and pricing strategies can be provided if required. As with most industries, when starting out, it is best to have affordable pricing and as demand and recognition increases, it can be increased also. We will suggest such increases throughout your time with Studio Door, however it is merely guidance, and your pricing is up to you.


Charges, VAT and Payment

We are striving to be “the online art gallery for the artists”, and therefore there is no fee to sell through us, and our commission rates are just 10% of the sale price. Therefore, the artist will receive 90% of the sale price (VAT?), 21 days after the work has been received by the customer. This is after the statutory 14 day return period (mentioned below) and when the work is irrevocably sold.



Packing and postage are to be organised by the artist, once a sale is confirmed a portion of the retail price will be transferred to the artist in order to cover the costs. This varies depending on the product size/requirements, however tends to be between 5 - 10% of the sale price. The artist will be notified once a sale is made, and it should be dispatched as soon as possible within 5 days of this notification. If for whatever reason this is not going to be possible, then it should be addressed with the Studio Door team as soon as possible.



All customers are given a 14 day return period, if the artwork is returned to the artist during this time the artist will not be paid. In the case an item is returned, the postage costs will be covered by Studio Door Gallery.


Selling Through Other Sources

Artists are perfectly welcome to sell their artwork through Studio Door Gallery and other sources, such as their own website. However, the pricing on Studio Door must be consistent and match all platforms to avoid cost advantage. A lot of money and time is spent marketing the artist’s work, and therefore trust is essential to ensure the relationship is effective.


An addition to this, if a customer gets in contact with the artist directly and it is apparent the interest has come as a result of our marketing efforts, then they should be directed back to the Studio Door Gallery website to complete their purchase.


Image Quality

Any images submitted must be of high quality and have accurate colouring to avoid return of sold products. Professional photography is advised, however with good lighting most modern smartphones will be sufficient.



A variety of methods is used to advertise Studio Door Gallery and the artwork for sale. Our main priority is gaining as much exposure as possible within the right markets, to maximise the volume of sales made and establish the organisation as a leading online art gallery.


Updating Items for Sale

It is of paramount importance that the Gallery is kept up to date if artwork advertised on our platform becomes unavailable due to being sold elsewhere, the artist is unavailable to send their work within 5 days of sale, or other scenarios with similar outcome. This avoids unnecessary advertising costs, and means we are able to keep the website up to date at all times.


Contributing to Site

Studio Door Gallery strives to recreate the experience of a customer visiting an artist in their own studio, and therefore encourages photos of artist studios, process videos, blog posts and interviews, amongst other ideas. Please get in touch with to discuss further.